By plane

Split and Dubrovnik airports are closest to the Neretva delta. From the crossroad in Opuzen, the Dubrovnik and Split airports are 110 km and 140 km respectively. From Split and Dubrovnik, many buses travel to the Neretva valley towns of Metkovi?, Opuzen and Plo?e. The airports in Mostar and Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, may also be used. The border crossing at Metkovi? is 170 km away from Sarajevo and 40 km from Mostar.

By Bus
By Train

Metkovi? and Plo?e have railway stations with trains coming from Zagreb and Osijek (via Sarajevo). From Rijeka and Zagreb, one may travel by train to Split and then continue along the Adriatic tourist road to the Neretva valley. The trains connecting Zagreb and Split also transport cars.

By boat
By Boat

From the Italian coast, the ferries sail to Split from Ankona and to Dubrovnik from Bari. From the Opuzen crossroad to Split and Dubrovnik, it is 120 km and 90 km respectively.

By car
By Car

The fastest way to reach the Neretva valley is by car using the new motor way to Rav?a, and then to continue along the Adriatic tourist road E65 (D8). By 2012, the motorway connecting Split and Plo?e will be finished. If travelling via Hungary, the shortest route is via Osijek, through Bosnia and Herzegovina/Sarajevo to the border crossing in Metkovi? on the road D9.

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