Squeezed between the coast and the foothills of St. Ilija?s Mountain (altitude 961meters) is Orebic,the cradle of sea captains and seafarers, the pearl of the Peljesac Riviera. Orebic is situated at the south-west point of the 70 kilometre long Peljesac Peninsula, which is conected to the mainland by the narrow passage at Ston.Orebic is in fact a large pebble beach. Owing to its exeptionally convenient geographical location, it is protected from the strong northeastern bura wind. Though the town is exposed to the sun, the light refreshing mistral wind will make your stay very pleasant during the summer.


VideoThe region was inhabited by Illyrian tribes since prehistory. The Peljesac peninsula was purchased by Dubrovnik Republic in the 14th century, which generated the prosperity of sea trade. The homes of the sea captains even today represent, each for itself, a small museum. An attraction of Orebic is the Franciscan Monastery and the Church Our Lady of Angels.
The view of the Peljesac Channel and the islands of Korcula, Mljet and Lastovo from the 150 meter high monastery loggia is unforgettable. History and tradition say that the Orebic sea captains and seafarers wouldregulary saluted Our Lady of Angels with their ship sirens upon their departure or return to Orebic, as a sign of gratitude and thanks for her protection. The Franciscans would then respond from their bell tower. Your stay in Orebic and in this part of Pelje?ac Riviera will certainly not be monotonous. Mountaineers will be delighted with the cleary marked trails leading to the top of Saint Ilija?s Mountain. Bicycle sport enthusiasts will enjoy the exceptional conditions of bicycle riding through beautiful natural surroundings.


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Another Orebi? attraction is the Franciscan monastery and Church of Our Lady of Angels. The wonderful view from 150 metres above sea level, where the loggia of the monastery is located, provides unforgettable images of the Pelješac canal, Kor?ula, Mljet and Lastovo.


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The Maritime Museum


Located on the promenade by the sea, the Maritime Museum, which was established in 1957 includes exhibitions of diverse historical material significant for the maritime industry of Orebi?.


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